DIY Basement Conversions

Design – Supply – Technical advice

Want to convert your basement yourself? ERADICURE offer a Design and supply service- Send us your drawings or a rough sketch and we can design the system and supply the products. We offer a wide range of Membrane products and Cementitious slurry waterproofing products as well as advice and technical advice on products, building regulations, and waterproof methods.

Know what you need? Need technical advice? Give us a call. Our team specialises in the design of waterproofing systems in accordance with the guidelines contained within BS8102 (the Code of Practice for the Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground).

Let us help you get it right

We offer a specialist service to assist you completing your own DIY basement conversion. We can audit the conversion and advise you on what materials to buy and how to carry out the project. This has the added benefit of reducing costs by doing the conversion yourself, whist having our expertise to help and guide you throughout the process.

We can help your DIY basement conversion by:

  • Auditing the project and establishing a budget
  • Buying in the materials required
  • Advising you throughout the project to ensure you achieve the best result

Basement conversions

Commercial basement conversionsMany commercial properties will have a basement level or underground area that can often be used for storage and little else. Most of the time, this is because the space isn’t a habitable one where you would want to spend any amount of time. But Eradicure now offer assistance for DIY basement conversions meaning we can help you transform that unused space into something practical and comfortable.

Using basement space

One of the central reasons that basements are unused or used simply for storage is that they often lack the best waterproofing and damp prevention measures to make them a comfortable space. As specialists in dealing with rising damp and damp related problems, we can assess the space and offer solutions to deal with any issues we find. Once the damp is eradicated, we can then look to see what measures are needed to prevent reoccurrence.

With the right damp proofing course in place, the basement conversion can then begin to take shape. We can help you decide what purpose the area would perform for your business and then see if there are any regulations effecting the work to take into account. We can assist with the process of applying for any necessary planning permission and completing the stages required to pass with the local authority.

Making the basement useful

With the preparation in place, we can then set about making the basement a useful space for your business. Whether this is as extra office space, storage space that is comfortable for people to spend time within or even as a staff area for break times, we can transform the basement to suit your needs.

If you are a contractor working on the construction of a new property for commercial purposes, we can also offer our skills in the creation and damp proofing of an underground areas to ensure that these levels are fit for purpose from the start.


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