Black mould removal

Have you noticed the appearance of black spots on your walls, around windows or in wardrobes? This black mould is due to prolonged condensation. Condensation occurs when moisture in the air gets deposited on cold surfaces and is usually due to a lack of ventilation.
Modern standards of double glazing, insulation and draught proofing prevent natural ventilation of rooms.

In addition to damaging your property, long-term effects of condensation can lead to respiratory problems. At Eradicure, we offer effective condensation control treatments for domestic, commercial and public listed buildings. Browse through the photographs of our recent projects to take a look at our high-quality work.

Eradicure provide a wide range of products and services to control condensation and mould growth from simple mould killers, Anti Mould paint additives to whole house ventilation systems.

Methods to control condensation

  • Ventilation systems
  • Moisture reduction
  • Mould control products
  • Air vent upgrades

Our surveyors thoroughly inspect your property and then proceed with the treatment. We will also advise you on ventilation systems that suit your home. Get in touch with us for more information. You can also rely on us to damp proof your building.

Condensation control

Commercial condensation controlMany commercial premises experience high usage levels and often don’t have the right equipment in place for ventilation and condensation control. While this might not seem to be much of an issue, if the premises experiences a growth of black mould and the associated risks for staff and customer health, it can quickly become a major issue. Here at Eradicure, we can help with black mould removal as well as instituting systems for condensation control to avoid repetition.

The problem of ventilation

While homes often have ventilation issues, these problems can be much worse in commercial premises due to the use of equipment. From computers to manufacturing equipment, a lot of heat can be generated in business premises and without the right ventilation and air flow, condensation can become a major issue. Once levels reach a certain point, often around 20% moisture, then black mould can begin to grow.

When warm hair hits a cold surface, such as an external window or exterior wall, it causes condensation. Modern glazing options and insulation of spaces can often cause a lack of ventilation that stops this air dissipating and creates the perfect place for mould to grow.

Dealing with black mould

Black mould appears in room corners, on walls or near windows, sometimes even near tall features in a space. It can be damaging to the whole property and can also cause health problems for people working or spending time within the building. Eradicure have a number of options as to how to deal with mould and also to help add ventilation to the space to ensure that the problem doesn’t reoccur. These include moisture reduction systems, mould control products and also upgrades to air vents to ensure they are more efficient in removing condensation.


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