Durable damp control services

Do you want to damp proof the walls in your home? We can help. We offer a range of specialist damp proofing services for private, commercial and public buildings across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

In order to correctly identify the cause of dampness, we use the services of a CSRT surveyor. The survey involves testing of walls using an electronic moisture meter along with a visual inspection. We will submit a full report detailing the cause, necessary remedial work and our estimate once the survey is complete.

Specialist methods to control damp

  • Chemical injection damp proof course
  • Electro-osmosis
  • Cream injection
  • Specialist damp proof plastering
  • External water repellents
  • Waterproof renders

You can rest assured as all our treatments normally come with a long-term guarantee certificate. Over the years, the team at Eradicure has gained a fantastic reputation across Warwickshire and the nearby areas for providing high-quality services. Give us a call to schedule a survey today. You can also count on us to waterproof basements and cellars.

Damp proofing

Commercial damp proofingAs a business owner or a contractor working on a property, the damp proofing is one of the jobs that may be outside your expertise. Understanding damp proof courses and rectifying problems with them is a specialist area and here at Eradicure, we have the skills and equipment to deal with problems of this nature.

Damp proofing specialists

Eradicure offer specialist damp proofing services to commercial customers of all kinds. Whether you are a contactor working on a new build or a business premises or a business operator or property owner with a premises suffering problems with damp, we can assist in removing the problem. Our services are always conducted as quickly as possible with the awareness that down time for the business costs money and will offer the most cost effective solution for any problem.

Rising damp is a major issue for older buildings where damp proof courses either were omitted or have deteriorated over time and no longer function effectively. Damp proofing can take several forms to deal with these issues and to help rid the premises of the problems caused by damp – these include unpleasant smells, excess moisture leading to wet or dry rot and even respiratory problems for staff and customers.

Structural problems solved

While damp itself can lead to issues, the moisture in the property from damp can cause other problems. Moisture can affect structural timbers in a building as well as cause rust or corrosion on nails, screws or even steel or iron fittings if left untreated. This could render the business premises unusable for a period while the problem is dealt with.

By using an experience damp proofing service, you can reduce the risk of this happening by cutting off the source of the moisture at the earliest opportunity. And should it turn out that the problem isn’t related to the damp proof course, we can also help find the problem and offer a solution.


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Damp proofing services in Warwickshire


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