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Decay to timber is due to long term exposure to dampness or water penetration into a building. This may be from rainwater ingress, plumbing leaks, rising dampness or sub-floor ventilation.
Correct identification is essential to provide the right solution.
Our highly qualified surveyors can provide you with all the information you need to solve the problem.

We can eradicate and repair damage caused by:

  • Wet rot
  • Dry rot
  • Woodworm infestation

As rot is a direct result of prolonged dampness, we can damp proof your home or office after carrying out timber repairs and chemical treatments. Give us a call to schedule a survey of your property in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

Wet rot

Commercial wet rotWet rot occurs in damp and unventilated areas and requires a higher moisture level than dry rot. While it is less invasive than dry rot, which can spread to other construction materials, wet rot can cause serious problems to the timbers of a building and requires urgent treatment to prevent serious decay. Eradicure offer their services to all types of commercial premises to deal with wet rot.

Types of wet rot

Wet rot is a general term that covers a number of different fungus that react in high moisture levels and damage timbers. Cellar fungus is typically found in underground areas such as basements or cellars as well as under floors and behind skirting boards. It causes wood to darken in colour and crack along the grain.

Mine fungus causes wood to shrink rather than darken and breaks it into cube shaped sections. There are often white strands seen on the wood that looks like ferns. The most common type of wet rot is called Phellinus contiguus and causes wood to bleach. It is stringy and fibrous and is most commonly seen in door and window frames as well as external timbers.

Dealing with wet rot

Depending on what the cause of the condition, Eradicure can deal with the wet rot and find the root of the problem. Treatments are similar to dry rot treatments but do depend on the nature of the fungus and where the effected timber are located. This means we will carry out an assessment to see what type and what effect the rot is having before formulating a plan to deal with it.
If you spot signs within the business premises that may indicate a problem with wet rot, it is important that someone reports it as quickly as possible. It can lead to structural problems within the premises that could lead to a longer closure for the business if left untreated.


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