Removal of wood-boring insects

Have you noticed small, round holes on your timber beams and frames? These holes are made by wood-boring insects that eat timber and ultimately lead to severe damage of wooden structures. At Eradicure, we provide effective treatments to get rid of all types of wood boring insect infestations.

Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the damage and if the infestation is active. You can rely on our SAFEcontractor, CHAS and TrustMark registered team for woodworm treatment and damage repair.

We offer treatments for all wood boring insects and woodworm including:

  • Common Furniture beetle
  • Death watch beetle
  • Wood-boring weevil

Our modern treatment techniques use water-based micro-emulsion insecticides that are non-flammable and HSE approved. You will be able to re-occupy the treated room after just one hour. In addition to wood boring insect infestation control treatments, we also offer treatments for wet and dry rot, timber repairs and more in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Contact us for more details.


Commercial woodwormWoodworm infestations is a general term used to describe the destructive efforts of any beetle or infect that burrows into and damages wood. Once a common problem, woodworm is less common today but can still occur and in commercial buildings, this can be a problem, especially if the business carries out any work using wood products. Eradicure offer full woodworm diagnosis and treatment to ensure that these unpleasant little bugs are removed from your commercial premises.

Spotting signs of woodworm

The key to getting treatment for a woodworm infestation is to spot the signs as soon as possible. However, even if you miss the signs and the infestation becomes more severe, we still have options available to deal with it. Typical signs of wood boring insects include:

  • Fresh holes in timber where the insects enter and exit
  • Tunnels through wood
  • Dust from the boring process
  • Dead beetles or insects
  • Wood that is crumbling, weak or damaged that was previously strong

If you spot any of these signs within your business or a property you are working on, then it is advisable to contact us immediately. We can then carry out an assessment as to what the nature of the insect causing the infestation is and what the best course of treatment then is.

Dealing with woodworm infestations

Once we have ascertained what the cause of the infestation is, we can then set a course of action to eradicate it and to prevent reoccurrence. There are various treatments available including water based, fogging treatment and fumigations. We can assess the best method including the bug in question and also the needs of the business to ensure disruption is minimal.

In addition to dealing with the infestation, we can also assist with any renovation work required to deal with the damage caused by the woodworm. We offer a full property renovation service to help restore the building and repair the damage.


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