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Damp coursesDamp courses are a crucial part of any building as they prevent the ingress of water. Damp can lead to a number of issues that can make a building unpleasant to occupy and even lead to structural problems. Excess moisture in a commercial space can lead to health problems for staff and customers due to wet or dry rot as well as looking unpleasant and unprofessional. Eradicure offer a comprehensive service to install or fix damp courses to stop these problems before they develop or to deal with them if they already have.

Types of damp courses

For contractors working on new build commercial properties, the inclusion of the correct damp proof courses is an important step in the building process. There are currently two methods for damp proofing commercial properties – a damp proof course (DPC) or a damp proof membrane (DPM).

The former is a preventative barrier of slate or bitumen that is built into the wall of a property around 150mm from the ground, although a plastic membrane may also be used in some cases. A damp proof membrane is a sheet of water impervious material that is laid in a single piece under a concrete floor to prevent groundwater seeping up into the base of the building.

Adding damp protection

As well as helping provide the right damp proof course for new properties, Eradicure can also offer a number of solutions to add damp protection to existing commercial properties. There are various methods available to control damp in premises which come with long-term guarantees that ensures they are cost effective for the business. These include chemical injection damp proof courses and electro-osmosis systems. We can also offer cream injection and waterproof renders where the situation suits. Finally, we are specialists in damp proof plastering when this is the best option to deal with the problem.


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