Timber engineering services

Does the timber frame of your building need repairs?
Eradicure can help. We are one of the leading companies in Epoxy Resin Timber Engineering and, with our wealth of experience, we can provide a bespoke repair package for your building. We have the skill to repair decayed or damaged timber units, including floor beams and roof timbers, using a combination of traditional and modern methods. We undertake structural timber repairs for homes and commercial and listed buildings.

For projects where the damage is extensive, we use epoxy resin timber engineering in addition to conventional methods of timber replacement. Using steel and fibreglass reinforcement, we will add strength to the timber joints. Get in touch with us for more information. We offer our services across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of resin timber systems

  • Replacement with low disturbance and disruption to the surrounding structure
  • Replace beams and joists of any size
  • Removes only the rot
  • Leaves ceiling and roof intact
  • Cost effective

As epoxy resin timber engineering mainly uses resin, it is also environmentally friendly. Upon inspection, we will discuss the best possible approach to repair the damage and provide a bespoke repair scheme for your property.

Property renovation

Property renovationEradicure offer a comprehensive range of property renovation services to help businesses and other contractors with the problems they face with their properties. We can work on any type of commercial premises from a small shop to a large factory space and carry out a comprehensive assessment of any issues effecting the building as well as sorting solutions for those problems.

Damp problems

One of the most common types of problems in commercial buildings are relating to rising damp and issue such as dry and wet rot. There can be various reasons for these issues including a deteriorating damp course due to the age of the building and a higher than average amount of moisture in the building due to the work being done. Whatever the cause of the problem, we can find a solution, including replacing the damp course and dealing with the effects of the damp.

We are also experts in dealing with both wet and dry rot. Wet rot sounds worse but requires the higher moisture levels and tends to affect wood more than anything. Dry rot is potentially more serious as it can spread to other structural materials including metals where it causes rust. Both are caused by moisture levels and often condensation problems are partly to blame so we can also help with condensation control.

Woodworm and other structural problems

Woodworm infestations aren’t as common as at one time but can still occur. One of our services is to find out what insect is responsible for the infestation and find the right solution to remove it. We can also help deal with any structural problems created by an infestation or any other issues.

Finally, our services also include renovation of basements and cellars to transform underground areas into useable and practical spaces. This can include renewing any damp proof courses and removing any damp that might affect the space.


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Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, we offer our domestic and commercial building renovation services across Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and the West Midlands. Our professional approach to diagnosing problems and recommending solutions has resulted in a reputation for customer service and satisfaction second to none in our business. Contact us for free quotations and professional advice.